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Invisalign® is a very popular alternative to traditional braces, helping patients enjoy straighter teeth and more attractive smiles without the need for wires and brackets. At Ideal Dental of Tucson in Tucson, Arizona, Dallin Williams, DDS, offers advanced Invisalign® orthodontic treatment for adults as well as teens and preteens. Call the office or book an appointment online today.

Invisalign Q&A

What is the Invisalign® orthodontic system?

Invisalign® is a patented system that uses clear, smooth, plastic trays that fit snugly over the teeth and move the teeth into proper alignment over time. The system uses no brackets or wires and the trays are almost invisible while they’re being worn, making them a very popular alternative to traditional orthodontic appliances.

What happens during Invisalign® treatment?

The Invisalign® system is customized for each individual patient, and it begins with impressions or molds of the teeth that are sent to the lab where the plastic aligners will be made. The impressions are scanned into a computer that uses special software to create 3D models that show how the patient’s teeth will have to move during treatment in order to become aligned. Once the models are made, the aligners will be created using durable, lightweight, medical-grade plastic. Usually, between 18 and 30 aligners are made for each patient. 

During treatment, the aligners are worn in a specific sequence, with each aligner being worn for about two weeks before it’s exchanged for the next aligner in the series. Wearing the aligners in a specific sequence keeps teeth shifting in the proper directions during treatment. Most patients can complete treatment in two years or less.

How does the Invisalign® system compare to braces with wires and brackets?

Invisalign®’s clear aligners are virtually invisible while they’re being worn, making them much more popular than traditional metal and ceramic braces, and the aligners can also be removed when brushing and flossing and even when eating, meaning there are no dietary restrictions. 

Plus, because they don’t use metal, Invisalign® aligners won’t rub and irritate soft tissues like wire-and-bracket braces, and their custom design means most patients can complete treatment more quickly than they could with traditional braces that use a one-size-fits-all design.

Can Invisalign® be used for all alignment issues?

The Invisalign® system can be a great solution for many alignment issues, but there are some issues that are better treated with traditional braces. Your evaluation will determine if Invisalign® is a good choice for your needs.

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