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If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, cosmetic dentistry at Ideal Dental of Tucson in Tucson, Arizona, can help you achieve the beautiful teeth of your dreams. Dallin Williams, DDS, offers crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and more to perfect your smile. Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation by phone or online to learn more about your options.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q&A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry at Ideal Dental of Tucson uses advanced, up-to-date technology and procedures to make your teeth and smile more aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Williams and his expert dental team tailor each cosmetic dentistry treatment to match your unique needs, lifestyle, and desired outcome.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

Some of the numerous benefits of cosmetic dentistry at Ideal Dental of Tucson include:

  • Whiter teeth
  • Straighter teeth
  • Restored, stronger teeth
  • A more attractive smile
  • Aesthetically pleasing teeth
  • More self-confidence
  • Easier chewing
  • Clearer speech

Cosmetic dentistry not only improves the appearance of your teeth and smile, it enhances the way they function and helps you gain confidence.

Which cosmetic dentistry services are available?

Dr. Williams and his team offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to meet your needs and preferences including:

Teeth whitening

In-office and professional-strength, at-home teeth whitening can make your teeth many shades whiter after just a single treatment. Ideal Dental of Tucson offers free teeth whitening for all new patients.


Porcelain veneers fit over the front and sides of your natural teeth to improve the way they look, feel, and function.


Zirconia dental crowns are like caps that fit over your natural teeth to strengthen them and improve their appearance. Crowns can also support dental bridges or attach to dental implants to replace missing teeth.


Dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth. Crowns or dental implants support bridges to perfect your smile and give you a full set of teeth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth supported by titanium posts. Dr. Wililams can surgically implant the posts into your jawbone and attach crowns, bridges, or dentures to replace missing teeth.


Full and partial dentures replace teeth that are missing or require extraction. Dentures are either fixed or removable. They rest securely on your gums or attach to dental implants.


Invisalign technology uses a series of clear aligners to straighten crooked teeth over time without bulky brackets or wires. Because the aligners are clear, most people won’t know you’re wearing them.

Don’t live with crooked, misshapen, discolored, or missing teeth that diminish your self-esteem. Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Ideal Dental of Tucson over the phone or online today.